Aug 15, 2016


I have thinking about Princess Magpie lately.  She is only 8 years old and yet she constantly surprises me with her thoughtfulness.

As an example, when I woke up the other day, I found her entertaining her brother.  It was early and I was surprised.  She just said that he was crying and she figured that I must be sleeping so she decided to make him happy.   What a sweetie!!

Another time, I was with Little Prince in the living room and she decided to clean his room for me!!  She made his bed, put away his books and toys, and swept his floor!!  With no prompting!!  She just wanted to help!!

Even talking to her warms my heart.  She told her father that Christmas is her favorite holiday.  Not because of the presents but because the decorations, movies, and Christmas dinner makes the whole house seem warm and cozy!  In her own way she described the atmosphere I try to create in our home over the holidays!!  I love my mini-me, my rainbow baby, Princess Magpie.

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