Aug 4, 2016

How Things Change

I was all set to post about how sad this house makes me.  I was going to tell you how it feels like I am living in a slum.  I was going to tell you all how the lack of alternative housing meant that my poor baby boy was going be stuck in his awful room and it broke my heart.  I was going to tell you all how much I miss my friends and how I was feeling sad and hopeless.

But . . . that was this morning.

This evening everything is so much better.  I opened up my mind to other options and the perfect house became available.   It is closer to my friends and the city but it is a beautiful farm house on 35 acres of land.  It feels like it was meant to be.  At this point the house is mine pending me changing my mind.  I am so happy.

This is a lovely 4 bedroom farm house. There are about 5 acres of fenced pasture, and a couple of livestock shelters. The rest is very accessible forest (birch on one side, evergreen on the other), great for camping with some breathtaking views of the bay.  It is the ideal spot for a hobby farm (She did it here for years), or just want a beautiful spot in the country near the ocean.

It took considering options we hadn't been thinking about to find  a place that is everything we have ever dreamed of.  What a great place to raise our kids!!

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