Aug 23, 2016

It Shouldn't Matter

I have been worried about money . . . about spending so much to move so close to Christmas.  Prince Charming and I have decided not to rush into anything.  If it comes up that we can move before Christmas . . . well that is great.  But if not, then we will save up our money and move in the spring.  That would be after Christmas and after a few family birthdays.  It makes me worry less to know there is no pressure.  We are going to move.  We are going to HRM.  We are going to have a safe home for our family.  We are going to get the things we want in the place we want.  There is no need to add extra stress where none needs to be.  If we get there next month or in a few extra months . . . in the long run it doesn't matter.  It will all work out how it should work out.  In the meantime I will enjoy this beautiful, peaceful, relaxed town I live in. 

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