Aug 5, 2016

I've been thinking

I have been thinking about how things work out the way they are supposed to.  For me things seem to fall into place how they should, I just have to have faith.  Even the bad moments, when I get through them lead to really good ones.

Like this new house.  If I had stayed in my last one with my wonderful neighbors, I would never had looked outside Yarmouth for a new home.  The house wasn't right, (it wasn't safe for Little Prince and there was NO storage) but it wasn't bad enough to force me to really need to get out.  This house we are in now has really low rent, so I can save money, but it is so completely hideously ramshackle, unsafe and slum-like that I REALLY needed to get out.  This house broke my heart so much that I was willing to look outside Yarmouth, outisde the lack of housing here, to find something better.  And because of that, I did something I wouldn't have done at our old house.  I looked around the province just to check out the availability of houses big enough to fit our large family and our special needs.  And in an unexpected way, I found a home that perfectly suits us and our dreams.  It is in the country, it is large, it has lots of room for my kids to play, it is safe, it is well-built and it is lovely.  I would never have found that here in a price range I can afford and because of how bad this house is, I found it for my family.

That being said, I don't feel like this house was a mistake, it was simply a stepping stone to better things to come.  My children will enjoy a house where they can make noise if they want, with a yard they can play in, with a beach across the road, a yard to play in, trails to walk, and farms nearby to visit.  I am honestly excited about this step in our future.

Another bonus about this house is that is only half a hour from a big town and only an hour and a half from the big city.  I can load the kids up and we can go to town for fun adventures.  We can enjoy the festivals, our friends, the shops, all the good things about the city and then drive home to our farm in the country.

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