Aug 8, 2016

Turning it Around

I know that yesterday was just awful.  I was heartbroken that my whole family was so upset about not moving into that house.  But today, I am feeling better for several reasons.

First of all, if someone is so completely hard to deal with when you are just trying to rent their house, they won't be easier to deal with when you are renting from them.  I don't want to feel like a guest in my own home and I am pretty sure that is how she would have made my feel. And truthfully, I don't need a horrible landlord in my life.

Secondly, when we lost that house the only thing I was sad about (other than my kids being sad) is that I wasn't going to be near my friends.  It clarified my priorities.  I miss my crew, I miss group trips to Costco and to the meat market, I miss Tupperware evenings, I mess girls nights out, I miss holiday meals together, I miss coffee turning up at my door when I am having a sleepless couple of days because of Little Prince. So in looking for a house that is safe for my family, I need to be near my friends.  Because, like the song says, "You can't make old friends".

Thirdly, the realization that I need to be near by friends, helped me pick a location that I wanted to move to.  It took some negotiations with Prince Charming but we have found some areas near the city that will be good for my family and good for me too.  The things is, when we moved here it was for everyone else, I kind of knew I would miss my people.  I gave it an honest try, and I really could stay here. I do like it here (it is truly lovely, I feel like I have been a year and a half vacation), but in staying here I would be compromising for my family like I usually do and just this once I want to be included in the list of priorities when we pick somewhere to live.

Losing that house and being so heartbroken over not being near my friends led to a conversation where I came clean about what I wanted.  So we are going to take our time and budget and plan and consider but in the end we are going to end up near the city.  I am happy to be near my favorite shops, my favorite festivals, my friends, easy transportation, lots of services for Little Prince and lots of conveniences for us all.  We cans still enjoy the waterfront, the water and the boardwalk we just get to enjoy the city while we are at it. 

Just a note, when we told the girls, they all danced around with excitement. They are completely excited and apparently missed the city too. All day long since we made the decision everyone has been coming up with things they are looking forward to about the city. 

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