Jul 6, 2016

Such a Wonderful Discovery!

It is such a beautiful day that I had to get out and enjoy the warmth for the sun.  And so after I walked around the Yarmouth Farmers Market, I decided to pop into the Yarmouth Visitor's Information Center.  Now to preface this, I have been to a LOT of visitor's centers over the years and most of them are fairly simple.  They are simple places with piles of brochures and informative people.  So I expected a similar smallish type place with a few brochures I could pick up to go through.

Even the outside was impressive.  There is a viewing deck where you can get a wonderful view of the harbour and Cape Forchu Lightstation.  As well as a seating area and a screen that can be seen by incoming boats!

The parking lot in front of the building is really convenient because it has designated spaces for RVs or motor coaches, and a bowl of water in a shady spot for hot doggies.   But when I walked through the doors, I was stunned!  I was truly speechless.  It was simply the most beautiful visitor's center I have ever been too.  It was bright, airy, immaculate, beautiful and so very organized.

Inside the door is a HUGE screen with an informative video playing.  And outside the door was a cute blue picnic table.  This would be a great place to sit and take a break from the hot summer sun.

I LOVED this!  I found it on the wall beside the screen, informing visitors how to tag their pictures so that they can be shared with other visitors!  How very thoughtful. 

Down over the stairs, there wasn't simply a small shelf with a jumble of brochures but there were many many shelves with brochures organized  by the area of the province you would be interested in exploring (which is perfect for a town with a ferry from the USA that brings visitors to our spectacular province.  It is completely wireless and has C@P computers and tablets available for visitors as well!!!!

I loved addition of a lighthouse that held more brochures that was organized into the types of things you might be looking for all across the province.  The lighthouse was a great addition!

Almost as soon as I walked down the stairs, one of the ladies approached me to see if she could help me find something that I might be looking for.  She was thoughtful, helpful, informative, friendly and welcoming.  And after I had explored a little, I got to chatting with all the women who work there.  They were so helpful and full of information!  They were even able to tell me about local programs that might be helpful for my autistic daughter and son!  They really were the perfect ambassadors to welcome visitors our beautiful town and a our lovely province.

I even discovered that there is a Mayor's Tea every Tuesday through July and August from 2-3pm for sweets and baked good provided by local Senior's Groups! That takes place at the Yarmouth Visitor Information Center.  How cool is that??

As I said when I started this post, I have been to a LOT of visitors centers but I have to say, this was by far the most beautiful, the most organized, and the most informative visitors center I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.  I highly recommend the Yarmouth Visitor's Information Center to anyone who wants to find out about our lovely town or our wonderful province!

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Mary Dunne said...

Nice to see your enjoying yourself. So many things to see and do this time of year. Love your blogs.