Jul 30, 2016

Easy Way to be a Hero

My kids love books.  All four of them are inspired by books.  As the little girls learn to read the words, they take even greater joy in them.  Little Prince uses books to practice his letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and language skills.

I often take trips to the thrift store and the library's discard bin and bring home a large bag of books.  I love their eyes when I walk in with the books.  They descend upon the bag, quickly claiming the books that catch their attention.  The rest of the day is spent with all my kids thoroughly engrossed in all the new books, with Little Prince insisting on bringing his favorite to bed to nap with.

My kids love when I come home with new books.  For a few minutes, I am a hero.  And really could there be an easier way to be a hero?

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