Jul 29, 2016


Little Prince had therapy today and we discussed steps that we are going to take for him in the future.  We are working towards him being able to learn in a structured way so that I can teach him in the future.  I have homework to try for the next couple of weeks and I bought a couple of things to help with it. I have to be honest, teaching him makes me a little nervous.  I am confident I can reach my boy in a way that others may not be able to, but autism means that teaching him will be different than the way I taught my girls, so it is a learning process for me as well as for him.  I am thinking that I may dip my toes in with preschool type things to test the waters to learn how this is going to work for us. 

I am a little concerned about time management when I think about homeschooling four kids, one of whom has classic autism and who will be having 15 hours of therapy in our home every week.  I am not sure how this will work, but I know that I will figure out a way because my kids deserve it. 

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