Jul 18, 2016

Final Day

We enjoyed the last day of Seafest yesterday.  I heard that Giant Tiger was having a few fun things for kids at the waterfront and we decided to head down.

Princess Belle decided that she was too much of teenager to come with us LOL.  So she volunteered to babysit Little Prince who was sleeping and would have been overwhelmed by the crowds.  So Prince Charming and I loaded up the little girls and headed out.

It was a little rainy when we left and we were preparing the little girls for the fact that it may not be there because of the weather.  But . . . we were pleasantly surprised to find out that there was still fun goings going on (mostly under tents).

The girls had their faces painted.

They had tattoos painted on  their arms.

They painted shells.

They played in sand.

The girls were thrilled to meet a Minion.

What fun they both had racing in the giant balls!

But the highlight of the day was enjoying the music provided by Pendulum.

Princess Magpie danced out know front he stage much homework everyone's amusement.

Princess Snifflefritz was too shy to dance but had fun clapping.

We discovered a place where the girls could milk a cow!!

Princess Magpie was great store the game where you find the differences!

All in all, Yarmouth Seafest was wonderful.  We had a great time at ever event we attended!  We learned, we laughed, we met new people, and thoroughly enjoyed it all.

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