Jul 15, 2016


I have to say, I really love living in Yarmouth.  It is so friendly and lovely.  I love to drive down by the water and I love discovering new shops, and now that summer is here, I love to explore all the wonderful little towns surrounding us.  I have been to Arcadia, Tusket, Wedgeport, and Dayton.  And every part I explore is wonderful in it's own way.  I love Yarmouth town and Yarmouth County.  It is simply lovely.

Most of the time, I love to be here in town, I am finding little spots that are new highlights!  The staff at my favorite places (the stores, library, and other spots) know me and stops to smile and even recommend things.  They are quick to give me local information and to just inquire about my family.  I love living in a picturesque town that is the best combination of small town charm and big town conveniences!  It is truly wonderful.

While my new house sucks (and it does!) making miss my last house (a beautiful home also here in Yarmouth) and I may miss my friends from away, I am certainly glad that I am lucky enough to raise my family in this town. 

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