Jul 28, 2016

My favorite

Anyone who knows me knows that I love coffee.  It makes me happy, sooths me when I am not well, wakes me up in the morning, helps with my headaches and is generally yummy to me.  I love the smell, the taste, and the feeling of a warm cup of coffee in my hands.  Over the years, I have become picky about my coffee.  I know a good cup of coffee and I know what kind of coffee I really like.

So I wasn't sure what to expect when decided to try the coffee food truck, Cafe x Clarke C2, I saw outside of Canadian Tire here in Yarmouth between 7 and 2.

I will say that I had heard of their daily supply of fresh baked lunch pies.  From the way people describe them, I can only assume that they are all kinds of yummy!  The man behind me in line that I spoke to said that he gets one every day for lunch!!  I find it interesting that they sell out of the lunch pies every day when the day I went they weren't even on the menu - they must be good!!

Now I can't have flour but I brought Prince Charming with me and he tried the apple cheddar scones and he was amazed at how delicious they were!

I got a medium sized, medium roast (they also offer dark roast) black coffee and it was wonderful!  It was definitely the sort of fabulous coffee I could see myself becoming addicted to!  It was so good.

The man who served us was really friendly and informative.  He provided service with a smile (actually he made laugh too).  He remembered the customers around me which is always lively to see.

This is definitely the sort of place that I love and I will be going back for a coffee on one of my trips to the many stores nearby.

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