Jul 16, 2016


Last night we sat on our front step and watched the Classic Car Cruise by the Sea where The Roaring 20's Antique Auto Club cruised through Yarmouth downtown.  The girls were overjoyed and waved while yelling greetings to every car that passed us by.  There were so excited when they saw the Seafest Pageant winners because they figured they were saying hello to "real princesses".  It was too precious!

Today, we were out again to Seafest with the little girls (Princess Belle volunteered to babysit our sleeping Prince).   And we had so much fun!

We stopped by and saw a an armory truck, met some soldiers and had the girls faces painted in camo.  They loved it and the soldiers were so nice.  I am pretty sure they got a kick out of how excited the girls were.

here are some pictures (ignore the wet hair, they left the house right after having a bath LOL)

We stopped by the car show downtown today and there were so many very awesome cars (I heard over 600!).  It was so much fun to explore them and to see some of them like they had just driven out of the past.

The Sheriff's Car and the General Lee!!!

Princess Magpie called these "Little Cars"

This one was their favorite because it was pink and purple!

Princess Snifflefritz loved "the one with the tent on top"

The girls loved "the pretty ladies"

Prince Charming loved these ones!

The girls were convinced that these girls were princesses!

The girls did NOT like the driver of this car!  LOL

LOVE old-timey tray on this one!

Princess Magpie was impressed by the awards!

"KIT's" dashboard!

Look it's "KIT"!!!!

All of these cars are in working order!!!!

After we left the car show, I took the girls for a drive by the water and down to the docks.  They love the water and I knew that would make them happy.  When we got to the dock there were some men fishing and the girls were so excited!!  They watched them fish, were besides themselves excited when one of the men caught a fish and even spotted some seals in the water.  As much as they loved all the festivies, their favorite part of the day, was the part that our beautiful town has to offer every day.  Isn't that kind of cool??

Seal watching us

She's excited he has a fish on the line

Watching them fish

Looking at the water

And a little video of our day: 

 I have to say again, Yarmouth really is a lovely place to raise a family.


Ginx Craft said...

I love all the cars - especially the really old ones.

bettyl-NZ said...

What a great way to spend some time! The girls look happy!

Melinda Ott said...

Ha ha! The first thing I thought when I opened your page was "There's the General Lee!"

It looks like you had some great family time!