Jul 14, 2016

Uh oh

So here's the thing.   This house is extremely budget friendly, is in a great location, has a great landlord, is safer for Little Prince, and has character that comes from being over 100 years old . . . BUT . . . sometimes that character comes in the form of ramshackle and run-down.  The longer I live here the more awful things I discover; like that awful smell inside my porch that I can't find, windows that don't open, two rooms with no electric outlets, no shower, one bedroom with no light fixtures and only one outlet, and a beautiful clawfoot tub that always looks dirty inside and feels like sandpaper on your bottom, exactly two closets of any type in the whole house, and the fact that one wall is actually PAINTED CARDBOARD!!!  I thought it was just cosmetic stuff but when Little Prince managed to have his bedroom wall panel fall on him, I realized that a lot of these problems are more serious than a coat of paint. Here are a few pictures of why I am discovering this is something NOT my forever home SIGH.

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