Jan 21, 2016

Good Things

It was a day of good things today.

Firstly, Little Prince LOVED his new bed and every time I went in his room he was sitting on it reading a book or playing his toy guitar.  He was just so happy with it.

Secondly, Little Prince LOVED his new high chair.  He sits in it to eat and doesn't complain and when he was down on the floor afterwards, playing with his sisters, he kept trying to get back into HIS chair.  It was so sweet.

Thirdly, my scale has finally started to move again!!!  I am so excited.  I have been trying for MONTHS to get past this plateau and nothing has worked.  (Prince Charming said that I hit a wall so hard, he heard it clank!)  But finally things are moving again.  These changed I have made are working so well for me.  YAY!!!

Fourthly, I went to the meat market today and I was treated so well.  I love our family butcher (he is the owner).  He is sweet and always gives me the best quality meats.  I heard him tell the man cutting our meat fresh for us, so give us only the nicest cuts of meat (he said to me that he knows the quality of meats there is why I shop there!)  and when he was ringing it up, I heard him tell him to give us a better price.  I LOVE him!!!

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