Jan 13, 2016

Brrr . . . .

We are having a bit of a storm today.  But not nearly as bad as the rest of the province is.  For us it is a bit windy and we had snow last night.  But all in all, if you stay inside, drink a nice hot cup of coffee or tea and enjoy your kids, it is all fine.  I did go out and shovel the walkway in the back of the house (for the mailman) and in the front of the house (for us to get out).  As cold and windy as it was, I enjoyed the physical activity.

We even managed to get everything (homeschooling, shoveling and housework) done a little earlier today so that by three o'clock we could just enjoy each other for a little while before supper!!  So really, for a snowy day it has been a good day.

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