Jan 23, 2016

Making Plans

They are calling for another storm tonight so I did all the rest of my running around today.

Among the things I did was shopping for Princess Belle's birthday. The plan right now is to have pizza and cake for supper as per her request. And she gets to pick the toppings for one pizza. I got everything she wanted for her birthday and there is going to be two tickets to the movies in her presents so that she and I can have a mommy and me movie day. I bought decorations that I will use to make the house special for her. It has everything she has requested and so I think it will be a good day.  I can't believe that I am the mom to an almost 14 year old beautiful, funny, cool, helpful, amazing young lady.

Little Prince was super-sweet today.  He was obsessed with books.  He surrounded himself with all the books  he could found and then sat happily flapping and  hissing at them.  Such a sweety!!  This is such a quintessential animation of Little Prince.  He LOVES books and they always making him happy flappy!

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