Jan 26, 2016

Not Quite What I Had Planned

So today didn't go as planned but I managed to get it together.  After I was done homeschooling the little girls, I got ready to do school with Princess Belle.  But as we got ready to do the new math book, I couldn't find the graph paper!  I looked through all of the stuff I have for homeschool and I only came up with graph paper that Princess Belle hijacked.  I was so frazzled.  So off I ran to the dollar store.  But a quick trip and back again and we were back in the race.  We pulled it off, used the graph paper, used the new book, added some videos to the our study of Roman Civilizations, and managed to make a pot of chicken soup for my family.  By the way, we LOVE the new math book.  I didn't see confusion on her face once while we did math today!  YAY!

Side note: I am finally back below 200 lbs again!!!  YAY!!

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