Jan 16, 2016

Are you sure it's the weekend?

Even though it is the weekend, it was a busy day in our house.  I took advantage of the day off homeschooling to get some things done.  The biggest thing was the mountain of laundry over half of which was laundry that Prince Charming and Princess Belle had been stock-piling.  I started laundry at 8:30 this morning and had the washer and dryer going non-stop until 7:16 this evening.  That's a LOT of laundry!

While the laundry was being done I also was busy scrubbing my kitchen. It just needed a good thorough cleaning. When it came time to clean the fridge the little girls wanted to help. It might have taken us twice as long but they were excited and enthusiastic helpers. They helped clear every thing out of the fridge and then helped clean the racks. They were so sweet.

It is a good thing we didn't plan to go anywhere because it was freezing rain all day and now it is snowing!  I would be terrified to drive in this!  Look at the ice that was on my step before the snow fell.

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