Jan 22, 2016

Friday Five

Five Random Thoughts that are running through my head
  1. I know it is only January but I am about ready for Spring now.  I am tired of freezing winds on my face, I am tired of icy winds while I shovel my walkway.  I am tired of my kids missing the way they play outside in the summer (they HATE cold too!)  
  2. I am really enjoying that new show, "My Diet is Better Than Your Diet".  I love the format and I have even adopted one of the diets for myself.  (I do find a couple of contestants could use a better attitude)
  3. I think I am going to have to change around the girls room  to get access to their heater and their window to figure why their room is so chilly all the time.  That is a BIG job I am NOT looking forward to!
  4. Prince Magpie has been so cute lately, doing her sisters hair.  They come down to show me the new 'do.  It is sweet to see them both, proud stylist and proud model.  
  5. It struck me recently that I only have 4 more years to educate Prince Belle.  She is doing so well and she is on grade level but the fact that there is only 4 years left is SCARY!!!!

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