Jan 10, 2016

Woohoo!! Yay!! Happy Dance!!!

I am so happy!!!  I have a desktop computer again!!!  I can blog while properly typing!!!  I can change my blog if I want to!!  I can update pictures of my babies!  I can update my budget!  I am THRILLED!!!  I have a little computer cart in the classroom area so that I can use it when I am homeschooling if I want to!  And there is a door beside me so that I can open it to get some fresh air!  This is a GOOD DAY!

On a sidenote, I have been using my new VERY sharp knives lately and yesterday I cut my finger pretty bad, so trying to type while wearing my bandage is a little difficult but it is still better than using my phone or my tablet!! 

As a result of this wonderful new development, my posts will get back to being a little longer and more fun.  It is just so much easier to post from my computer.  *happy dance!* and *joyful singing!*

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