Jul 28, 2014

Well here they are finally . . . . part one!

So we are finally connected to the outside world again!  Thank goodness!  So I thought I would do a series of posts sharing some pics and thoughts from our journey.  We left our old home in Newfoundland on Monday, July 21st and traveled across the province on the bus.  But first we had to load up the truck and get all our stuff ready to move to our new home in a whole new province.

Here are some pics from our last days living in Newfoundland.

One thing I did was finally answer Princess Belle's request to dye her hair.  She wanted it very blond.  I made it a mother and daughter thing by doing mine too.

Little Prince was mostly oblivious to the goings on, he just watched us rushing around.

With the furniture gone, the girls beat the heat with popsicles on the living room floor.

Princess Belle helped to keep the little ones entertained and to keep them from getting underfoot as the truck was loaded.

Princess Magpie was fascinated by the whole process.

Princess Snifflefritz wore herself out so much with the excitement that she fell asleep over her snack.

We had the kids spend part of the  day outside in the backyard, enjoying the sun and having fun while the truck was packed.

The girls each had their own backpack filled with the things they would need on the journey.

Princess Belle wasn't happy that her hair wasn't as blond as she wanted so I took this pic to show her that it was indeed blond and very different than it as before.  She was thrilled to be starting her life in a new town with a whole new look!

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