Jul 11, 2014

It's not all bad. . . .

I know that this move has been driving me crazy and I have been stressing over it, but I do have to say that a good thing happened yesterday.  We got an unexpected cheque!  So that with the money I have saved means that we definitely have enough money for this move!  So no more stressing about the money.  With 11 days left to go, I have enough time to get things done, especially with Prince Charming being home after today.

Another good thing is that his boss from his work term really likes him and will definitely be a good reference for him.  In fact, if we ever move back here in the future (when being close to the autism clinic for Little Prince is less vital) I bet he would even offer him a job!  But in the meantime, I think his reference will help Prince Charming get a job after we move.

Another good thing about moving this time of the year is that we get to be there for some of the fun summer things that happen there.  I have always said that Halifax is the best place to live in the summer.  It is so much fun. 

The kids are all very excited too, so that is also a good thing.

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