Jul 16, 2014

Creative Storage Ideas

Trick Out a Food-Storage Drawer:  Purge ruthlessly, keeping only containers you use all the time; toss anything missing a top or a bottom.  Leave tops on glass containers and stack pieces (don’t nest—glass might stick together and break).Nest plastics, storing sideways if upright is too high for the drawer.  Corral small items (like the soy-sauce holders here) in a cup.  Store plastic tops separately from their bases, since a seal can create a stale smell. “File” large tops in a desktop paper sorter.  Stash smaller tops in a little bin and they won’t rattle around or disappear.

Add a portable dishwasher.  If your rental didn’t come with a dishwasher, you can get a portable one! Portable dishwashers usually sit on casters so they can be rolled away when not in use. But if you have room to leave it in your kitchen permanently, just set it up near your sink and use the top as extra counter space! (You can use another 3M hook to hold up the connector hose so that it’s out of the way of the sink, but easily accessible.)

Utilize the back of cabinet doors.  Find a good organizer that hangs over a cabinet door to store cleaning supplies etc. These are great because in addition to the organizers inside the cabinet, there is also a rod on the outside that is perfect for hanging dish towels!

Hidden Storage:  Add a trunk-like ottoman (or two!) to store linens and extra blankets. Choose pieces with a durable fabric so you can get comfortable and put your feet up while reading a book or sipping on morning coffee.

Carve a corner out of the hall to create a study spot

Put dressers in the closet!

Create an end table with storage!

Reinvent an old window and turn it into a pot rack!

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