Jul 30, 2014

At Grandma's house

So after our 8 hour ride on the bus, we spent the night at Grandma Great's house before heading off to the ferry to cross over to Nova Scotia.

Princess Snifflefritz declared that Nanny's house had a magical fairy garden and was immediately in love with it.

She woke up super-early in the morning, but I managed to get her to lie down long enough to fall asleep on the couch.  I didn't find a blanket for her, but she was so tiny, she cuddled up under a pillow sham that I found.

Both Princess Snifflefritz and Little Prince were fascinated with Grandma Great's dog. 

Little Prince slept in a playpen that was already there.  This whole trip was exhausting for him and he wasn't a fan of it. 

Princess snifflefritz loved all the flowers she found in Grandma Great's yard.  I had to remind her not to pick the flowers.

Little Prince really reacted to Grandma Great's dog.  Every time he saw him, he would squeal.

Even if he doesn't always look at her, you can see how much Little Prince loves his big sister, Princess Magpie.  I LOVE their bond.

Little Prince Sleeping in the playpen.

Playing in Grandma Great's magical fairy garden.

Their favorite play toy was a pile of sand in front of Grandpa Grumpy's shed.

They made sure to investigate every little vignette that Grandma Great has in her yard.

After spending so much time on the bus it was good for them to stretch their legs.

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