Jul 14, 2014

Crossing them off

Things are falling into place regarding this move.  I am still REALLY stressed but I feel like it might go okay.  I keep dotting my i's and crossing my t's and hoping that everything will go okay.  My plan for the next few days is to go through each room one by one and make sure absolutely everything is ready to go and to put everything together in a pile that we are not taking with us so that we can make arrangements for it all to be picked up.  We have arranged for an overnight stop half way through our move, that way we won't have to be on the road on a bus for a day and a half in a row with four children.  One day on the bus, a day to relax and then another day on the bus is a much more manageable way of traveling.  We have arranged help with the move so that way I don't have to hurt my back lifting and dragging on the boxes before spending so much time on a bus. 

It sounds convoluted, but I keep plugging away to make it work. 

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