Jul 18, 2014


I am so pleased!  I found red bins that I can use for this move and then afterwards as well and we all know I LOVE red!!  For this move, they will serve a great purpose.

I will fill one with all the stuff we need for our new bathroom right away and the other will all the stuff we will need for our new kitchen right away.  Then when we are unloading the trucks, I can put those two bins aside and know that we have those essentials all at hand and ready to use.

After we move, I will fill them with the rest of the Christmas stuff that didn't fit in the bins I already had.  That way no Christmas will be in cardboard boxes but in boxes that will be easy to locate and won't get broken over the years.  (and red goes good with Christmas anyway . . . right?)

1 comment:

Julie said...

How awesome! It's always great to find multi-purpose items that you love! :)