Jul 1, 2014

Are Canadians A Little Different?

Here are some ways that Canadians are different from all our friends from other areas.

Some things that are really cool and unique in or about Canada:

We have Canadian Food like:
- Timbits (we will not tell you what they are, if you don't know!).
- Scrunchins (ditto)
- Beaver Tails
- Yellow pea soup
- Nanaimo bars (we made 'em first)
- Butter tarts
- Date squares
- Crispy Crunch bars (YUM)
- Smarties (they are little chocolate candies that look like M&Ms)
- The candies that our American friends call Smarties, we call Rockets.
- McIntosh toffee bars
- Red Rose tea (Only in Canada ....Pity!)
- Newfie screech ..!
- and of course, Poutine

Other interesting Canadian things:
  • The Rock = Newfoundland.
  • Newfoundland = pronounced NOOFUNLAN.
  • Two-Four = case of 24 bottles/cans of beer.
  • Homo Milk = Whole Homogenized Milk
  • We eat chocolate bars NOT candy bars.
  • We drink pop NOT soda.
  • We can get milk in bags as well as cartons and plastic jugs.
  • We drive on a highway, NOT a freeway.
  • Mounties "don't always look like that."
  • We know that the Friendly Giant isn't a vegetable product line.
  • We know that Casey and Finnegan are not a Celtic musical group.
  • We can do all the hand actions to Sharon, Lois and Bram's "Skin-a-ma-rinky-dinky-doo"
  • We know who "Relic" is/was.
  • A touque is often seen worn in the winter to keep your head warm.
  • Every kid has eaten Kraft Dinner
  • In some of the colder Canadian provinces, cars have a cord and plug sticking out of the grill ... it's a block heater for those sub-zero (in Celsius) days.
  • Halloween costumes have to be able to fit over a snowsuit.

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