Dec 22, 2008

I remember when . . .

It struck me today how many things have changed in my lifetime. I am not an old lady yet I can sit here and be amazed at the new innovations that have become a part of our every day life.

I can remember when there were no remotes for televisions. I remember when you had to turn a dial to change the channel and I blew the picture tube when I changed the channels too many times.

I can remember when nobody had a vcr and my dad decided he was going to buy one. He was the first guy in our neighbourhood to buy one and he had to explain it to me, telling me that a vcr allows you to watch movies in your own home! We thought it was amazingly cool, but laughed because we thought he was dreaming. I stood in the store while my dad talked to the guy about his new vcr and another store clerk introduced me to my very first music video. I asked the clerk what a music video was and he explained that it was music with pictures. And I stood in the middle of the store watching my very first music video.

There are so many things that have changed since I was a kid; sandwich makers, betamax's, push button televisions, remotes with cords, microwaves, everyone owning their own skidoo and atv, a household computer in every home, computers you can carry in your bag or in your pocket, telephones that fit in your ear, whole music music libraries you can carry in your pocket and still have room for your wallet.

It is fun to see the changes that have come in my lifetime, I wonder what changes are in store for my children.


Anonymous said...

I so agree with you - I have often wondered the same thing - things seem to be developing sooo fast!!!

Julie said...

Do you remember how much those first video tapes cost? I remember seeing Disney'd Pinnochio in the store for $80!!! ... And now you can't find videos anymore! *lol*