Dec 16, 2008

Early Christmas Break

Yesterday they sent Princess Belle home with a rash. Her rash consists of about 6 or 8 itchy bumps on the back of her neck. We took her to the doctor today and he said that it was either a bacterial infection or a viral infection. He said that she is not to go to school or be I am leaning towards a viral infection because our whole house has been sick with a flu within the last week. I am still getting over it.

Prince Charming is out getting our new puppy now and if he can get him, we are thinking that we will tell her that Santa heard that she was sick and asked daddy to come get a special gift she could have early to make her feel better since she couldn't play with her friends.

Editors note: I think we got it!! There is a 24 hour waiting period before we can pick it up but they spoke to our landlord to verify that we are allowed to own a pet and Prince Charming filled out the paperwork so I think it is ours!!! Woohooo! I get to make my little girl very very happy this year!


Julie said...

Sorry to hear about her rash...hopefully it goes away soon and everyone is feeling better!
That is the cutest puppy! Is that the actual puppy? Wow! So huggable! :)

Incog & Nito said...

Hope Princess Belle;s rash goes away soon. Oh the puppy is sooooooo cute. Enjoy your week.

Julie said...

What a cute puppy!!!!

Hope the rash clears up!