Dec 13, 2008

Saturday Photohunt -- favorite

Theme: Favorite Become a Photo Hunter

The theme this week is Favorite. My first thought is that I should post a pic of my favorite people. I have some lovely pics of my family whom I adore more than life itself. But then I thought about it and I decided I had to something different. I decided to share a pic of the favorite place that I have ever lived. This was the view from my kitchen window. You see that water out there, that was the ocean. It was lovely and quiet and I actually knew all my neighbours and I counted myself lucky that Grandma Great was one of them.


cheh said...

You're so lucky!It's beautiful scenery!

Happy weekend!

jenny said...

I still don't know where it is, though! :-) Very cool to live by the ocean.

Anonymous said...

I would love an ocean view, too. Great photo.

If you have time stop by and see my take.

Brita said...

Great shot! I can see why you loved the wiew.

Julie said...

Now that looks like a divine place to live!