Dec 11, 2008

Dear Princess Magpie

As I hold you in my arms tonight, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of wonder. I am constantly amazed that you are actually here, in my arms, smiling at me, giggling at me, filling our loving house with even more love. I am so blessed to have you and your sister. Every day as I start my day, I look forward to seeing your beautiful smile, to holding your sisters little hand, to cuddling you on the couch, to reading stories with your sister. When I look at you, I know why I was put on this earth . . . to love my girls. I was meant to be your mommy. I am good at it and it is truly the most fulfilling thing I have ever done.

I love so many little things about each and every day with you:
  • beautiful morning grins as I walk into your bedroom
  • great big sloppy kisses
  • a little head snuggling into my neck
  • the feeling of your little body in my arms
  • batting your long eyelashes over your beautiful eyes as you smile at me
  • giggles as I tickle you while I get you dressed
  • the angelic sense of peace as you sleep in my arms
  • the way you light up when your daddy or your sister look at you
  • how much more love you have brought to our family
All of those things only add to the little moments I get to share with your sister and that one day I will share with you both:
  • Having your sister read me stories in the morning, being so proud that she can do it
  • making cookies together in the kitchen
  • holding her hand in the morning as we walk together downstairs to face the day
  • having her run back to the door after she has left because she forgot to give me a kiss goodbye
  • how proud she is when she makes us proud
  • waking up to her voice singing in her bedroom
  • how heartbroken she is when she thinks she has hurt someone
  • how she is such a tomboy, gathering up snails to play house with them with on the step.
  • how she is such a girly girl, dressing up in princess dresses and tiara's coming down to show us each new outfit
  • how the best thing she could think of ever doing is cuddling with daddy on the couch, eating popcorn and watching movies and how after telling us that, we have made that a part of every weekend.
I am so happy with my life. I have a man who loves me, supports me, understands me and means the world to me. I have two beautiful girls who are so happy and gentle and who fill my house with joy and love.

I am a little broke this Christmas, but I don't need for Santa to bring me anything. Life has already given me more than I could have ever asked for.


GioMitchTrev said...

So beautiful! I feel the same way with my kiddos! Too precious!

Julie said...

You made me cry, and worded a lot of my very thoughts better than I ever could! We are *so* blessed aren't we? :)

Julie said...

That was so sweet!

Dave said...

That was beautiful and truly is the essence of being a loving parent.

My son, all of 4 years, made me cry the other day when he started to sing "When Christmas Comes to Town" from "The Polar Express." Something about it just got to me and I was a big sloppy mess.

Kids are amazing, aren't they?

Notsosnowwhite said...

The greatest gift is love and you definety have it..

kewkew said...

Aww, what a lovely post, you made me tear up. Thanks for sharing this with Throwback Thursday as well.