Dec 9, 2008


I am so not ready for Christmas this year. I have not decorated, I have not shopped, I am just not ready. I feel it creeping up on me and I am not prepared at all. Every other year I am on pins and needles waiting for December so that Prince Charming will let me decorate, but this year, I am tired. I don't have the energy to get things done. Oh well, I will soon. I am going to get my shopping done this weekend. I am going to get decorated soon.

Meanwhile, Prince Charming is beside me on the phone (AGAIN this is normal for him) talking about his family to his family (AGAIN this is also normal, we call it a soap opera). And, Princess Mag-pie is on the floor babbling away to her toys, happy as can be making cute little noises.


Julie said...

When Amanda was a baby we put some Christmas lights on the leg things of her baby swing... My, did she ever LOVE that! She looked and looked at those lights! *lol*

Julie said...

I completely understand the tired thing! Christmas is sneaking up on me too!
Oh by the way, I have this new blog now! :)