Dec 29, 2008

Monday Mumblings.

Well Princess Belle is loving her puppy. She is sometimes nervous of him, but he is the first thing she thinks of when she gets up in the morning. She takes him out to pee and cleans up after him. She is a wonderful puppy owner and as a result he is devoted to her. When she goes to bed, he will whimper for a while before climbing up into Prince Charming's arms to cuddle for the rest of the evening. We are still working on housebreaking him, but it is coming along slowly.

Princess Mag-pie is growing like crazy and I am pretty certain she is working on her second tooth. She keeps outgrowing the clothes she has as fast as I can pull them out of storage for her. She is growing so fast that at least I know she must be healthy.

My house is still cluttered with Christmas stuff and I am about ready for it to go away now. Ugh it just feels so cluttered and messy. I HATE cluttered and messy.

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Julie said...

I want to start un-decking our halls today... Seems like we just put the decorations up. December just FLEW by!