Dec 5, 2008

Friday Five

Well it is Friday again and I am here to share my stuff.
  1. I am stuck with this darned flu!! Now I have coughed so much that my head is pounding too. It sucks to be the sick mommy.
  2. Prince Charming and I met with Princess Belle's Teacher, Guidance Counsellor, Principal, and Vice Principal for a progress update on her year.
  3. They all agree that she is pleasant, hard-working, and wants to please but she has a very short attention span and has some concerns which make it difficult for her. We came up with a plan where among other things: she gets extra time to finish assignments, she gets more reminders, she gets supervised breaks when she needs them, and some help in learning to focus her attention.
  4. I was thinking that I will probably be starting Princess Mag-pie on cereal when she is five months. I was going to wait until she is six months but she is soooo big and drinks sooo much formula and seems like she is needing something more.
  5. Princess Mag-pie is such a mommy's girl and now it seems she is starting to be upset if we are out and about and she can't see where I am. The truth is I don't really mind it. The way I figure it, if she is like her sister, she will be a mommy's girl now and daddy's girl later. I had better soak it all up now.


Julie said...

Sounds like Belle has a good teacher, who is really trying to help... Rare in these days!

Julie said...

Princess Mag-Pie is adorable! How big is she now? Abby has her four month check up on Dec 15 so we will see how big she's gotten then! :)

Notsosnowwhite said...

I am do glad that the school system in there is so good. It sounds like they are willing to help and work with u all to make sure she is ok.

Twisted, I so understand the flu thing. I have been so sick all week. Now i think i have around chest be expceted with me I guess

OMG, what a busy too weeks, Its crazy , did i mention i hate packing and moving and unpacking..espesically in December when its cold. It sucked, but its done.

love you all..

Notso aka lori