Oct 24, 2005

My Great Adventure

The move is upon me, with all my last minute running around before the movers come tomorrow. I am so glad that this is getting done and so nervous that something will go wrong.

My Little Princess won't let me pack her toys without hysterics. So that should be fun. I am considering just having a monster sized box left and tomorrow morning just dumping all her toys into it. But then again, maybe I will just pack it all and withstand the stormy tantrums to follow.

I am up at some god-awful before the sun wakes up hour because I have to much on my mind and you my dear blog friends are again subjected to my psychotic babble as I look around frantically and wonder what should I do first? Will I get it all done? And, why the hell did I ever decide to do this in the first place?

As well my friends, I should warn you that it may be a week or two before I get access to the internet. I am sorry that means that barring time to post tomorrow morning, I may not be on here updating for a while. I will try, but you know how these things go when you move to the ass end of nowhere.

Wish me luck friends, I am about to embark on a grand adventure lets hope we all get there with our belongings and our sanity intact!

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