Oct 21, 2005

Why mornings suck!

Okay so picture this, I am typing to you with a package of frozen weiners sitting next to me. Why, you ask? (Lets just assume you asked so that I can complain.)

Well this morning, some idiot at the post office called us at 7:30 in the morning to verify the change off address we put in to days ago dated for Monday. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I stumbled blindly into the kitchen to get some coffee. There was cold leftover coffee in a thermos on the counter so I poured it into the one coffee cup I don't have packed and nuked it like I do every morning. But apparently this morning even the coffee cup was out to get me, because when I reached in to pick up my cup, it was super, incredibly, searingly HOT! I picked it up and put it down in seconds. But that wasn't quick enough. I immediately developed a huge white blister on my finger. And let me tell you, it hurts like heck! I went to the freezer to look for ice, but found none. The only thing I found that I could hold in my hand was a pack of frozen weiners.

So now I sit here with a pack of frozen weiners and a cup of coffee that has gotten cold. I am drinking the coffee anyway because I earned it dammit! I try to type but then the pain gets so bad, I revert to one-handed typing with said pack of weiners.

So, my dear blog freinds, if I visit your site today and only leave a tiny short message, remember how hard it was for me to type it and have mercy on me. Typing this took an eternity, I swear!

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