Oct 14, 2005

Further Rantings of a Move Obsessed Princess, or also known as Please Let My Fairy Tale Have a Happy Ending

So here's my plan for today. Walk down and fax some papers to try to get a place. come home, clean up, feed the Little Princess, pray like crazy that I get the place. then I will go downstairs continue sorting the entire contents of my house into 30 boxes and then pray like crazy that I get that place. After that I will make supper, clean up, relax and pray like crazy that I get the place.

Do you see a pattern? I do. I am slowly losing my mind! I need, need, need to know that in 12 days when the movers come to pick up my crap they will have someplace to drop it off at the other end. Oh and I would love it if that place that they dropped it off at, could also be a place for my family to sleep. Wouldn't that be nice?

In the meantime, my current landlord is selling my house. Prince Charming tells me last night, "Oh the Landlord is bring someone by to see the place tomorrow". WHATTT????? And you didn't tell me?? I need to clean. I need to make sure that when my place is up for inspection that they can see past the boxes and crap and see that I am a good housekeeper. Because I just know that anyone who comes into my house is making silent judgements about my housekeeping ability. I can hear them walking away, "look at that, there are dishes in the sink! How terrible! And there were toys on the living room floor, what a mess!" Prince Charming will never get my need to have my place presentable when people come by. Oh well at least he has his looks.

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