Feb 4, 2016

Interesting combination??

Wonderful day today.  We had occupational therapy for Little Prince and he LOVED it.  She gave me ideas to help teach him about not climbing on things that will be unsafe, which I am excited about.  We discussed approaches to his eating since he has been SOOOO hard to get to eat lately.  He loves her.  He has really bonded with her and wants to be in her arms the whole time.  It is really sweet to see how much he likes her.  She says she has never seen a child bonded with her so quickly before.

And this evening, he actually ate and ate a LOT!!!  I was so happy.  It was a weird combination for a supper, but he liked it and it actually covered the majority of the food groups so I will take it!  He had fish sticks, nutella sandwich, an apple and a bottle of chocolate milk!  He ate the fish sticks covered in the chocolate from his sandwich.  LOL   The way I see it, it isn't health food, but it is a variety of food and I will take it!   He was in such a good mood today.  It was good to see him giggly and happy and just his normal sweet self.  Gosh I love this boy so much!!

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