Feb 20, 2016

Fun at a Fair (Grown-up Style)

I went to a  health and wellness fair today.  Prince Charming decided to come with me.  I was actually really impressed with the wonderful vendors there and all the great information I got.  I came home with some fabulous goodies that I can't wait to try and some numbers for people who may be able to help me in the future!

We stopped by a table where they were doing health checks and we both got our blood pressure checked.  Mine was perfect.  Yay me!!!  Prince Charming's was alarmingly high!!!  I told him that when Princess Belle gets started on her new healthy eat, learning about nutrition plan, I am putting him on a healthy eating plan too.  I love him too much to have him have blood pressure that high.  It was really scary and I bet  if they had checked me afterwards, mine would have been high too.

All in all, I am so glad we went and so happy with the things that we learned and the people that we met.  Afterwards, we hit the farmers market and got some wonderful local mushrooms!  When we got home, I organized our fridges and freezers.  This fridge is mostly filled with healthy foods and veggies which makes me so happy!

On a side-note, Little Prince has been in a really good mood today.  I LOVE when he is happy and smiley!

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