Feb 25, 2016

Once again

We are a sick house once again.  We are all coming down with a cold one by one.  It is not fun and it sucks to be miserable when you have to be a grownup.  But I did what I had to and ordered a pizza for the kids for supper. 

Poor Princess Magpie wasn't herself today, she spent a lot of time in her daddy's chair.  I am still not sure why she was sucking TWO thumbs when I don't usually see her sucking one.

The weather was as miserable as we felt.  The rain was pouring so hard!  It was crazy.  But since other places are getting snow storms today, I really don't mind the rain so much.  

Little Prince wasn't himself and spent most of the day in his jammies taking it easy and complaining over every little thing as a cranky prince is apt to do.  

Princess Snifflefritz was sweet and tried so hard to be helpful because she doesn't have a cold yet and felt like that meant she should be the helper girl.  Princess Magpie had to convince her that she only had a cold and didn't need that much help.  So cute, these girls of mine.

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Vαηєѕѕα said...

I hate this time of year. It seems all the sick comes out.
We have a cold making it's rounds, and in a large family that means we'll have sickness in the house for a while. :(

Hopefully you guys start to feel better soon!