Feb 13, 2016

Again!!! Really!!?

My poor boy fell again yesterday.  He is such a clumsy boy!  I keep telling him he has to stop using his face to stop.  He has had more bumps and bruises this year than all my kids have!  Well yesterday, he fell and cracked off his front tooth!!!!  He wasn't in any pain and didn't seem to mind once the shock wore off.  But I feel baby for my baby.  I would like him to be more careful but because of his autism, he just doesn't understand. 

I tried to get a picture of his tooth today but you can't see his cracked tooth, just the big one next too it.  Honestly, he looks adorably cute, I just hate how it happened. 

 While I was taking pictures, he proved to me once again that he is still in need of his naps and feel asleep in right in the middle of his snack-time photoshoot!

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