Feb 9, 2016

That was a LONG one.

This has been a crazy day.  I had two appointments one after the other but before I left I had to shovel out the van.  And there was a LOT of snow to shovel.  I actually only did the front of the house.  I will have to do the rest tomorrow so the mailman will deliver to us again.  I am NOT looking forward to that!

This is my yard on Sunday . . . Bright, beautiful, sunny.

This is my yard today . . . Cold, bright, snowfilled, but at least the storm is over.

When I got home I had to put the stuff away, take care of all the Little Prince stuff that only I can do.  Then I did homeschool with the girls before making pancakes for supper.

It has been a full day of me running around and not sitting down but it was a good day.  Now that I am finally sitting down, I'm resting with a cup of herbal tea and going to watch a show with Prince Charming.

The kids loved the books I brought home.  I love how much joy they get from books.

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