Feb 22, 2016

Another One

The longer I live in this town, the more I love it here.  Every week I am finding new and wonderful things and people to enjoy.  Today I called a place here that has programs for kids.  I wanted to ask if they had old high chairs there that they would be willing to trade for an almost brand new compact one.  Old high chairs tend to be bigger and more suited to what I need for Little Prince.  He is older than most kids who are in high chairs and so he is bigger.  But given the fact that it is the only place I  can get him to eat, I am going to have him in it for a while.  They didn't have any but said they would ask the people who work there, post it on their message board, and ask the parents for me.  And so I hung up thanking her for her help, hopeful that I was a little closer to finding what I need.  I walked away from the phone, cleaned up the water Little Prince had spilled and went back to the phone to find a message that she had one for me!   That quickly!  And she didn't want the one I have already.  (I am going to find a family to give it to.)  I am so thrilled.  She was so helpful and thoughtful!    Definitely another example of the wonderful people I find here.

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