Feb 26, 2016


Sick Princess Magpie

Hello from the sick house!  I ventured out of bed and out of the house to get food and milk for the kids.  (Funny thing, they insist on eating, even when mommy is sick.  Silly kids!)  I did my best not to talk to anyone or to spread my germs so that I didn't infect any of the wonderful elderly people I saw in the store today!  (I would feel so bad!)  

 Sick Mommy Twisted Cinderella

Now that I am home, I am main-lining herbal tea, binge-watching "Fuller House" on Netflix while the little girls lay on the couch and watch "Goldie and Bear".  We are a pretty sad sight, I have to say.  I feel like there should be a quarantine sign outside.  But on the upside, you would be surprised how easy it is to stick to your budget getting groceries when you are miserable while you shop. I told Prince Charming next time he comes home with a cold, I am making him wear a face mask until he is all better so he doesn't infect the whole house!

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