Feb 1, 2016

Monday Monday

The best thing I did with homeschooling is to start Funday Monday.  The girls are so excited to start homeschool on Mondays and it is a lovely way to start the week.

Princess Magpie was really upset today when Princess Belle said she didn't have a lot of friends because people find her weird.  Princess Belle wasn't at all bothered but Princess Magpie thinks her sister is completely awesome.  She can't fathom the idea other people don't understand how wonderful her sister is.

I have made a list of changes I want to make to make this house work better.  I will share progress I make here on this blog.  This will all cost quite a bit of money but I can do it over time and investing in a better, more organized home will be worth it.

  • I want to get a storage unit to make up for the lack of a basement. 
  • I will put our table in the storage unit for now to keep Little Prince safe.  
  • I will buy some bar stools so that we can eat at our very long counter.  
  • I will buy storage cabinets with doors for our homeschool books.  
  • I will move our other books into the corner of my room.  
  • I will make our front step cute.  So it makes me smile when I come home.
  • I will make better use of our entry so that it is less cluttered and messy.

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