Nov 18, 2014

That Scene

There is this scene that is in lots of small town movies. You know the scene, the hero or heroine, goes walking through town smiling and greeting everyone with a smile and every person she sees waves back, calling by her by name and making some comment to let you know that they know personal details about each other.  It is a friendly, heartwarming, lovely thing.

The thing is, I have had very similar things in my life.  Living in small towns even grocery shopping is kind of fun.  As I shop, I make small talk with the guy stocking the shelves, the guy behind the deli counter lets me know that my husband's favorite smoked cheese is there and the lady at the cash register asks how my kids enjoyed dressing up as princesses for Halloween.  I have favorite little shops and out of the way diners.  The librarian knows that I like to buy discards for my girls and the neighbour shovels my driveway without me asking.

I like small towns.  I like getting to know the people around me.  I like feeling safe to let my kids run outside to play, running back and forth through the back door all day long, having fun and enjoying freedom.

The longer I live in the city, the more I miss that.  Don't get me wrong, I like having conveniences, but I miss small town life.  I miss living where, "Everybody knows your name" as the theme to the show about everyone's favorite bar went.

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