Nov 1, 2014

Our Halloween

We had an awesome Halloween, I hope yours was just as wonderful!  The girls had fun and so did Little Prince.  Nobody got too cold, all the people ooh'd and ahh'd over their adorable costumes and they were suitable scared by one house in the neighbourhood.  It was just a lot of fun, probably my favorite Halloween ever!

First, the night before, Princess Belle had a Halloween party.  She had so much fun and won second place in the costume contest!

Here are all my babies on our front step, getting ready to go out trick or treating.

Princess Snifflefritz was dressed as Princess Anna from the movie Frozen.  She LOVED her costume!

Princess Magpie was dressed as Elsa from the movie Frozen.  This is the first year that she actually chose her costume.  She LOVES Frozen and wanted to be Elsa for months!

Little Princes was an adorable Olaf from the movie Frozen.  He was too cute.  His costume was big enough that we could put his snowsuit underneath.  We learned last year when he got cold and cranky that we need to make sure we can keep him warm.  And this year, he had fun and was even making cute little happy sounds when we got back home.

Princess Belle was Draculaura from Monster High.  She LOVES all things Monster High and has even started a Monster High club in our neighbourhood, so when she and her dad picked out a Monster High costume, I didn't even look at it, I just said it was okay.  When she put it on though, we made her put shorts underneath it so that it was decent.  

After we home, the girls dumped their haul out on the floor.  They had so much fun, it was fun for me too. 

This morning, Princess Magpie got up and put her costume on again.  She wore it all day while she watched the movie Frozen over and over again all day long.

Princess Snifflefritz wouldn't take her costume off and actually slept all night long in her costume.

I caught the girls dancing together, once again wearing their costumes, while they watched Frozen today.   I think I will be dreaming songs from that movie tonight.  LOL so much fun.

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