Nov 8, 2014

Saturday Photohunt: HERO

The Saturday PhotoHunt for this week is HERO.  But instead of posting pictures of my personal hero, I posted pictures of Princess Magpie and her HERO - her big sister, Princess Belle.

These two have adored each other since Princess Belle knew Princess Magpie was on her way.  And while there may be times when she ascribes to the philosophy that little sisters are a pain, she adores Princess Magpie and there is never a moment when Princess Magpie fails to idolize her big sister.  To her, Princess Belle is the very epitome of all things cool and worthwhile.  So whatever Princess Belle likes, Princess Magpie likes.  It is really cute.  I actually had a hard time narrowing down pictures of these two together.  I eventually had to just stop looking.

They were constant companions when Princess Magpie was a baby.

And even as a toddler, Princess Magpie copied everything her big sister did.

Dancing in the living room:

Snacks in the living room

Sharing little girl secrets

watching shows together
Big sister giving rides on the hardwood floor

Little sister telling stories

She copied her hero, her big sister as Princess Belle did her school work or read stories

And Princess Belle fulfilled her role as hero and big sister by guiding, teaching, helping, and entertaining her little sister.

So, while daddy will always be a hero in our family,

Princess Belle has always been a special hero to Princess Magpie.

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peppylady (Dora) said...

With sibling fighting at times we all need to step back and admire how they help each other one out.
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