Nov 4, 2014

Dead End Deal by Allen Wyler

As I mentioned last week, I thoroughly enjoy Allen Wyler's novels!  I have had the opportunity to read a few now and they never fail to enthrall.  For that reason, I was really excited to get the chance to read, Dead End Deal by Allen Wyler.

This fast-paced medical thriller is full of excitement and danger! This run for your life before getting "Locked Up Abroad" thriller took me on a ride and wouldn't let go until the last page. I just couldn't put the book down. I had to know what would happen next. How was Jon going to clear his name and come out alive? Yeah, it had me in the clinch.

Allen Wyler is a neurosurgeon, so the usage of medical terminology is credible and yet this is written in a way that I could easily understand while still keeping me engaged and on the edge of my seat.

In the book, Jon has devoted ten years of his life to finding a cure for Alzheimer's as his grandmother died with Alzheimer's. After receiving the grant, then having it taken away due to circumstances he could not have anticipated or controlled, he refused to give up and his persistence almost cost him his life.

I was completely caught up in Jon's resourceful attempts to escape Seoul. I read in bed at night, and Jon's scary race from Korea back to US without being caught and killed by the man trailing him kept me turning pages long after I should have put the book down so I could go to bed.

I loved this compelling, well-written book.   If you are a fan of this kind of thriller, then you should definitely pick up a copy of Dead End Deal by Allen Wyler.

I also wanted to let my readers know that Amazon has a promotion going on for a couple of weeks into November where Dead End Deal is going for $.99 on the e-format. Actually, Dead Wrong, Deadly Errors, and Dead Ringer, other Wyler e-books are going for $.99 too.

About Allen Wyler

Allen Wyler is a renowned neurosurgeon who earned an international reputation for pioneering surgical techniques to record brain activity. He has served on the faculties of both the University of Washington and the University of Tennessee, and in 1992 was recruited by the prestigious Swedish Medical Center to develop a neuroscience institute.

In 2002, he left active practice to become Medical Director for a startup med-tech company (that went public in 2006) and he now chairs the Institutional Review Board of a major medical center in the Pacific Northwest.

Leveraging a love for thrillers since the early 70s, Wyler devoted himself to fiction writing in earnest, eventually serving as Vice President of the International Thriller Writers organization for several years. After publishing his first two medical thrillers Deadly Errors (2005) and Dead Head (2007), he officially retired from medicine to devote himself to writing full time.  He and his wife, Lily, divide their time between Seattle and the San Juan Islands.

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