Nov 11, 2014


I am not feeling that well and I am having troubles putting together a cohesive post.  So instead I am going to share some random thoughts
  1. Although I had dental work done yesterday and my jaw is sore, I am still getting things done.  I did home school with Princess Belle, made a loaf of whole grain bread, some homemade applesauce, and chicken for dinner.  The day before yesterday, I dehydrated some apple rings which were a little extra crispy, but they were good.
  2. I was thinking of using our home school calendar as a sort of advent calendar and hiding things in the pockets for the girls.  They would get such a kick out of that.
  3. I got all four kids cute onsies for Christmas and I think I am going to make it a Christmas Eve present along with a movie and movie snacks.  How fun will that be??
  4. I read a Facebook post about someone wanting to take Ibuprofen during their pregnancy and I want to tell them not too.  I want to tell them about my pain when I lost my pregnancy after taking Ibuprofen.  I feel so guilty about that loss, I feel like I caused it.  I think about that lady and her baby and I feel the guilt and the pain of that loss all over again.  
  5. And while I absolutely adore my Princess Snnifflefritz occasionally I get overwhelmed with the way she stands with her toes actually touching mine all day long chatting at me and patting my arm and lighty rubbing her nose, or her toys on my arm.  It is an all day litany of "Do know what Mama? . . . ", "Right, Mama?" and "Did you see this Mama?" and "Look at this Mama."  All. Day. Long.  Non-stop chatter.  Non-stop attention required.  Non-stop "Mama . . . Mama . . . Mama"  I LOVE her.  I LOVE that she loves me.  I LOVE that she is so devoted to me.  I just occasionally get overwhelmed.  And then I feel guilty for it. 
  6. Princess Belle and I started our modified homeschooling program and it went really well.  One thought I had was that since she loves writing on the chalkboard, she may find it more fun to do her math there and it seemed to work, she was interested and invested and had fun with her math, her worst subject!

And she was still willing to sit at a desk and work when math was done.

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